Taxi Service

Round the clock taxi service is available at YYC Calgary International Airport with taxi stands located on the Arrivals Level of both the domestic and international terminals. A taxi stand is located outside of Door 6. 

Taxi pick-up: Arrivals Doors 6 - 9

Fares and General Information

The taxi and limousine industry is regulated through the City of Calgary's Livery Transport Services (LTS). LTS is mandated to ensure public safety, consumer protection and service quality.

LTS is responsible for licensing taxi and limousine drivers, businesses, inspection sites and mechanics. In addition, compliance/enforcement personnel (peace officers) liaise with the industry stakeholders to ensure compliance with the Livery Transport Bylaw and several provincial statutes relative to the taxi limousine industry.

Should you have compliments or complaints regarding taxi or limousine service you may call the City of Calgary Customer Service line at 311 or email

  • Fares are based on meter rates. Under normal driving conditions, the approximate fare to downtown Calgary is between $40 and $45.
  • Airport taxis can accommodate four or five adult passengers. Vans are available to assist customers with excess luggage.

photo of Associated taxis on the Arrivals curb

Associated Cab
wheelchair accessible
Tel: 403 299 1111