Airport Improvement Fee

Airport Improvement Fee Structure

An Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) is included, along with other fees and charges, when the air travel ticket is purchased from the airlines or their agents. Travellers will not be required to pay through a separate collection process at the airport.

The Airport Improvement Fee is $30 on all flights departing from YYC Calgary International Airport.

The fee does not apply to passengers connecting through YYC Calgary International Airport, nor are fees required for children under the age of two travelling for free on their flight.

Connecting passengers who are exempt from the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) are those whose scheduled departure time from Calgary is:

  • Less than 24 hours from the scheduled arrival time of their international flight or;
  • Less than four hours from the scheduled arrival time of their domestic or USA originating flight.

A ‘connecting' passenger is defined as less than four hours scheduled ground time between domestic and/or U.S. arrivals and domestic or U.S. departures, and less than 24 hours scheduled ground time between a domestic or U.S. arrival and an overseas departure.

How will the Collected Fees be Used?

The Airport Improvement Fee is not a tax. Although The Calgary Airport Authority is required to pay rent (totalling over $687 million since 1992) to the Government of Canada under the terms of the ‘Canada Lease', the AIF fee is not being sent on to any level of government. It is dedicated to improvements and expansion of Calgary International Airport, necessary to keep pace with the air transportation infrastructure needs of our growing city and province.

AIF funded expansion and improvement projects are subject to a consultation process with the airlines. The capital expansion program is updated annually and has received unanimous endorsement from the airlines with each annual review.

Since 1992, total capital projects at YYC Calgary International Airport have totalled over $4 billion.

For additional information on the AIF please contact The Calgary Airport Authority.

For more information about The Calgary Airport Authority, its governance model, accountability principles and other corporate information, view Corporate Governance.