Airport Improvement Fee

Airport Improvement Fee Structure

An Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) is included, along with other fees and charges, when the air travel ticket is purchased from the airlines or their agents. Passengers will not be required to pay through a separate collection process at the airport.

The AIF is $35 per passenger on all flights departing from YYC Calgary International Airport. 

The following passengers are not required to pay the AIF:
  1. a passenger continuing a journey less than four hours after arrival at YYC Calgary International Airport for Domestic Canada and Transborder itineraries;
  2. a passenger continuing a journey less than 24 hours after arrival at YYC Calgary International Airport for international itineraries (a passenger will be considered to be “continuing” a journey even though multiple air carriers may participate in the itinerary on air carrier ticket(s));
  3. airline employees travelling on business; and
  4. infants under two years of age for whom no ticket was purchased (even though a no cost ticket may have been issued in the name of the infant).

How will the Collected Fees be Used?

The AIF is dedicated to paying for improvements and expansions of YYC Calgary International Airport, including the associated debt, which are necessary to keep pace with the air transportation infrastructure needs of our growing city and province. Although The Calgary Airport Authority pays rent to the Government of Canada, the AIF is not being sent to any level of government. 

For additional information on the AIF please contact The Calgary Airport Authority.

For information on other fees, please read our current Tariff of Aviation Fees.

For more information about The Calgary Airport Authority, its governance model, accountability principles and other corporate information, view Corporate Governance.