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AVOP Office

Airside Vehicle Operator Permits (AVOPs) certify airport employees to drive airside, which means authorization to drive on Aprons, Taxiways or Runways according to the AVOP type. 

Download the AVOP Manual for all information related to applying and obtaining your YYC AVOP.

Download and complete the AVOP Application Form, and bring it with you to your AVOP appointment.



The Calgary Airport Authority AVOP Control Office is located on the Plus-15 level, between the main terminal building and the Airport Corporate Centre. Hours of business are Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Book online

All appointments for the AVOP Office should be booked ahead through our online system. Walk in appointments are no longer being offered. If you’re more than five minutes late for your appointment, you may need to rebook.

Please make an appointment through our online system. The AVOP Office is accepting appointments for the following:

  • New AVOP Permit Issue
  • AVOP Renewals
  • AVOP Written Tests
  • Radio Operator’s Certificate Tests

All visitors should ensure they have the following in-hand before visiting the AVOP Office

  1. Valid RAIC
  2. Valid driver’s license
  3. Signed AVOP application form
  4. Signed written exam certificate (for permit issue)

Practical driving tests can be scheduled by sending your request by email to Requests must include:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • Date of completion of written exam (when requesting a day-time practical test) / Date of completion of the practical driving test (when requesting a night time endorsement)
  • Type of AVOP test being requested (DA, DAW, D-AME, D-Tow...)
  • Two preferred dates and times for your test booking

A Safety Compliance Officer will contact you to schedule the driving test

When you arrive for an appointment

Please knock at the door to let the AVOP office staff know that you arrived when it's your appointment time

Do not come to the AVOP office if... 

If you are exhibiting or experiencing any illness or symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT attend your appointment and contact to reschedule.


If you need to reach the AVOP Office, please email or call 403-735-1386 during business hours. Call wait times may vary due to volume.

Link to AVOP Scheduling page

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